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ConsultingFootPain started a newsfeed in 2018 for podiatrists and this has not grown into a Mailed newsfeed with articles published directly from this website.  Many of these articles are best downloaded for printing or reading on a desk top or laptop computer. Although newer downloadable material comes as readable PDF formats.

2018 –

Cartilage Erosion predictability in Hallux Valgus. David R Tollafield 2020 3(12):43-47 OPEN ACCESS
Podiatric Adverse Events. Part 3.  Afni Shah-Hamilton 2020.3(2):38-42 OPEN ACCESS
The Impact of anti-cancer treatment on feet. Part 2. Afni Shah-Hamilton 2020.3(2):26-30 OPEN ACCESS
Novice Speaker. The Short Talk. David R Tollafield 2020 3(3):21-25 OPEN ACCESS
The Role of Podiatrists in Cancer Care. Part 1. Early identification & Diagnosis. Afni Shah-Hamilton 2020.3(2):16-20 OPEN ACCESS

SERIES: How do we package Podiatry?(published as separate articles in 5 parts Dec. 2019 – Feb 2020) is available in Selling Foot Health as Podiatry available from AMAZON

READ THE REVIEW by Podiatrist Beverley Wright [here]

Giving Credit to our brand
Log, brand, strap line
How can we learn from looking at the whole canvas? 
Burden of Foot Health
Patient Communication in Podiatry

Ebook £1.99 and paperback £4.77

Biomedical Engineering v. Biomechanics. A reflective View. David Holland 2019. 2(11):67-71 OPEN ACCESS
Medicine What’s the Point. Steve Kriss 2019. 2(10):64-66 OPEN ACCESS
Corticosteroid Injection for Podiatrists. A little bit of reflection. Ian N Reilly. Reflective Podiatric Practice. 2019. 2(9):60- 63 OPEN ACCESS
Continuing Professional Development. A Short History. 2019;2(9) 61-64. Ivan Bristow OPEN ACCESS
Reflection.Sorry I should have been more specific!’ 2019;2(9):51-55 OPEN ACCESS
Reflection. ‘sorry I should have been more specific!’ Podcast (audio) 15’21”
We should always have an opportunity to change attitudes. David R Tollafield. 2019(8):46-50 (not available)
Prosthesis, patient and podiatrist. Reflection from expert witness days. David R Tollafield. 2019(7):39-45 OPEN ACCESS
Why Does Treatment Fail? The Neuroma Timeline Phenomenon is Not New. David R Tollafield. 2019(6):33-38 OPEN ACCESS
Become a Black Box Thinker. David R Tollafield.2019 (5):28-32 OPEN ACCESS
Patient Communication in Podiatry. How much time should we allow for consultation? David R Tollafield.2019(4):22-27 (Now a chapter in selling foot health)
Evaluation of the UK Health Profession. A Clinician’s Perspective. 2019;2(3):16-21 David Holland
Critical reading improves your judgement. Reflections from authorship.2019;2(2):9-15 David R Tollafield & Tim E Kilmartin OPEN ACCESS
Why Publish? Is it just a notch on a rather superior bedpost. 2019;2(1):1-8. Tim E Kilmartin OPEN ACCESS

Legal aspects

Defending a Case in Court as a Podiatrist (11) 2018
Reflection – Going to court, Consent and Clinical Practice. David R Tollafield2 2018

Consent and communication RPP 2018 (10) David R Tollafield. OPEN ACCESS
Case History (Legal) – Consent under test. David R Tollafield.1 2018

(Only one of these articles is available for open access. Contact busypencilasecfp@gmail if you wish to access the training package on legal aspects applicable to court cases).

Comparison of Four Disinfection Techniques for clinical Instruments in Podiatry. An original paper (9-part 2). David R Tollafield. article relating to past practice (9) OPEN ACCESS
Motivational Interviewing for Podiatrists. Rosi Targett (8) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
Charting the first use of corticosteroids by podiatrists. An original paper. David R Tollafield. (7) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
The Dawning of the PGD David R Tollafield.6) 2018 OPEN ACCESS

Learning from History. Podiatric surgery development from its conception. Ralph Graham (5) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
A story called ‘In the Shadow of Hippocrates’ A look back in history David R Tollafield. (4) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
Progress through the Art of Communication Image and branding  David R Tollafield. (3) 2018 (available under an new article)

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