Book Review – “Selling Foot Health as Podiatry” By Beverley Wright 

Inspiration comes in many forms and none more so when I was given the privilege of reviewing author David Tollafield’s new book “Selling Foot Health as Podiatry”. 

This book highlights learning the fundamental tools of communication, promotion and branding yourself, to future-proof your foot health professional business success.

Did you ever dream of achieving business success having spent years of research and study to qualify as a Chiropodist/ Podiatrist or Foot Health Practitioner (FHP)? 

Once qualified you have the time to seize the world with the opportunity to grow and shape your new skills and knowledge, as a foot health professional.  If you choose the self-employed business route you understand you will always have a certain amount of risk associated with it.  This is where the book can help the foot health professional new, or experienced, to explore insights into strategies, marketing, consumer and personal behaviour and leadership.

The author, a former podiatrist and academic luminary goes back to the early days of his own career in podiatry, when business was not making so many leaps and bounds as they are today in business, irrespective of Covid-19.  Even with the impact of the pandemic, and the constant clichés about learning to live with ‘a new normal’ in business; the author takes you on a journey that will challenge you to strive to envision a better, more resilient future for foot health and yourself.

The author states that the premise of the book was forged out of ‘material developed in his series of reflective articles published for podiatrists during 2019-20’.  I found it an easy read and read it cover to cover when I received it, because I found it very interesting.  Although, it is a book that you can just simply pick a chapter, read it, and move on to another topic instead of trying to read it cover to cover.

The author shows tips and ideas of how to support and promote the way forward to a rewarding career in foot health.  He invites you to communicate with yourself and others to discuss the changing landscape of research and innovation in the foot health business. 

Through the authors mastery of storytelling and in-depth experience, along with the collaborative support of other experienced business colleagues noted in the text.  You begin to have an insight towards what you should be doing to become more efficient and confident, which, has a rippling effect on your mindset about promoting and rebranding yourself and business.

This is a great book in my opinion. It is complete and comprehensive enough for the new start up, or those foot health professionals that just simply want to inject some more innovation and inspiration into their business practices.  

The text has several black and white pictures, anecdotes, business and communication models, fact sheets, real-life case study statements foot health professionals can relate to and reflect on in real working life situations.  This provides the perfect opportunity to analyse the changes that may be necessary to make a difference and/ or benefit foot health business practice. 

All the chapters have something to offer and in the first chapter “what’s in a name” we relive the past with the various titles we can legally assume or as a courtesy title.  One which I have used myself for the purpose of this review. 

The text overall is well written and organised, very educational, practical, and useful for any foot health professional. The author has crafted the benefits of complementing and updating the foot health professional’s skills and knowledge in learning and continuing professional development (CPD), or as a quick guide to good business branding, communication and promotion strategies at any time.

This article has been rated with a Flesch score of 49

First Published in Podiatry Review the journal from the Institute of Chiropodists & Podiatrists October 2020

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