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About – What, Why and Who?

What is ‘Consulting Foot Pain’?

 This is a free foothealth site

Take a tour (audio) or you can click on the link as a visual tour with Loom  to help access information.  To search for subject material use the magnifying glass (top right), Frequently asked questions  or use the Content link.  


Why ‘Consulting Foot Pain’?

ConsultingFootPain  (click video) was set up to provide information.

Foot health can make a difference to your life

There are two sections on this website and so the complexity of language will vary between sites. Flesch score is used to guide the reader and ranges from 50 to 70 (slightly difficult to easier to read)

Who is David Tollafield?

 David Tollafield is a podiatrist by profession and lecturer by vocation  and medical health science writer by passion. For him reflective health communication and education is not just about writing complicated reviews and research for professionals, but making health knowledge accessible to the general public as well. You follow him on Twitter @myfootjourneys or @david.tollafield for Facebook or on LinkedIn. If you have a concern about your foot problem please consult a registered podiatrist or GP. This site is for information only but David is happy to publish case stories about foot health concerns.


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