What is ‘ConsultingFootPain’?


Welcome to this free health site with advice from the esteemed David Tollafield, a renowned expert in the field of foot health. So, who is David, and what is he about? CLICK THIS LINK.

ConsultingFootPain offers impartial information without the promotion of products other than recommended sources. The opinions expressed in articles are those of the editor/authors alone. ConsultingFootPain was set up to provide information for everyone. Good foot health can make a difference in your life. My passion is to make academic material more comprehensive. Dissecting away myths, fables, and fiction together with useless products is important.

Professional face-to-face consultations are not available. This site will only respond to people seeking genuine help and does not provide legal advice.  Please help us help others so that we can share information.

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May 2024


Why ‘Consulting Foot Pain’?


Should you wish to consider a Career in Podiatry you will find material to assist students and careers teachers. 

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