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Books and all that written stuff are covered under my bookstore. You can find my latest books here or check out the expert reviews. As a keen author, David likes to tackle different themes using his website, encouraging others to write, publishing books for organisations, writing about various health issues and, of course, delving into fiction. While foot health and practice have been his main identity, he is keen to look at different aspects of health. His fictional books are a hobby that must be squeezed between other projects.

Every now and then, a great health book comes on the market, and I like to write it up when I can find a spare moment. Read about David, the author heremy latest books are featured below.

Just published from Busypencilcase Communication

July 2023

Written for the foot health professional, this is designed as an easy book to follow for clinicians. You can read more by following the LINK.

May 2023

With a Foreword by the Chair of Council, Royal College of Podiatry, Michelle Scott, you can read more …. at AMAZON BOOKS or go to this site’s blog on my new book.


A new career book for school leavers covering the field of podiatry from Amazon. Published January 2023

You can check these career journeys, starting with Emily. A special pull-out PDF information on Podiatry as a Career Choice is available free to download

Foot Health Myths, Facts & Fables (2021)
This paperback was launched on 1st September and is available from Amazon Books, offering an ebook version.  Read more here

Podiatrist on a Missionearly memories of the author. This is now unavailable because Austin Macauley publishers have taken over the publishing rights. Hopefully, this will be relaunched in 2023-4 as a new edition.

Podiatry & Foot Health

My Patient Journey Series in ebook or Paperback

Morton’s Neuroma.  Podiatrist Turned Patient: My Own Journey 2017 

Bunion. Hallux Valgus. Behind the Scenes. 2019.  Reviewed by Tony Maher in Podiatry Now

My journey books for Morton’s Neuroma and Bunion are mainly for patients. E-books represent good value, while paperback books are in full colour and make useful practice references.

Skills books

Written for all audiences but especially for professionals

Presenting Your Image 2020 Conferences to Village Halls

PowerPoint is more than a slide program. Companion to Presenting your image

For students and podiatrists in practice – an aid to communication in the NHS and private practice

Selling Foot Health as Podiatry 2020. Promoting Your Service to Patients. Reviewed by Bev Wright preface by Ralph Graham


Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot, Churchill-Livingstone with Linda Merriman 1997

Assessment of the Lower Limb. Churchill-Livingstone. 1995

by David R Tollafield

Two class notebooks are free to download care of Ivan Bristow who has made these available (1988)

A Foundation on Podiatric Orthopaedics (First-year level)

Class Lecture notes in PodoPaediatrics (Second-year level)


David also writes fiction

Fatal contracts (2021). Short stories with sizzling shocking tales of fate. Available as e-book and paperback from Amazon books

Introducing  – ‘The Story of Cristal Rouge’ the red biro

Cristal Rouge is a ballpoint pen and as we know ballpoint pens come in different colours colours and have a limited Life Life. Cristal passes to different people during her life. She is worried that she has only a short time to live because her ink does not last as long as other ink pens.  She meets a nasty pen called Nosey Parker and James Green. With her friends, she makes the best of hard world where expensive pens are held with high regard. Just when her world seems at an end, she is rescued. Just when her world seems at an end, she is rescued.

Originally written under my pen name Rob C Blyth for ages 8-10 years. This original publication was produced in 2014 and no longer in print. You can order a signed soft copy from Busypencilcase Reflective Communications for £10.00.

Write to busypencilcasecfp@gmail.com and write ‘Cristal Rouge’

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