A Self-help Study Guide

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For foot health practitioners & podiatrists

A new companion series from the Institute of Podiatrists. Image with permission of IoP.

This companion course, published for the Institute of Podiatrists, sets out different styles of questions, offering tips for open and closed methods, especially multi-choice options.

Divided into two parts: questions in the first and detailed explanations in the second part. Supporting self-assessment for foot health practitioners and students on university courses, this handy aid helps understand the finer parts of foot health science in eight study areas.

“For those who aspire to be podiatrists, assistants or support workers, this book will shape your thoughts about a part of the human body that is often forgotten.”  David Tollafield, former Deputy Head of the School of Podiatry and Dean of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery, Royal College of Podiatry (2012-14).

See the companion book An Introduction to the Adult Foot – A New Foot Book.

A Study Guide for Foot Health Professionals.

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