An Introduction to the Foot and Its Common Problems in the Adult


This new foot book from author David Tollafield comes as a result of collaboration with The Institute of Chiropodists & Podiatrists (IoCP). Martin Harvey (Director of Education) and Chair Gaynor Wooldridge wanted a replacement for their former in-house training handbook. The IoCP provides membership for podiatrists and foot health practitioners, offering different levels of scope. Gaynor was taken with the two older texts written by David some years ago for podiatry students and felt parts of the clinical examination would be valuable in a smaller book. Martin had been in discussion with David about covering pain in the foot. With these elements in mind and the older text produced by  Churchill-Livingstone (now Elsevier) in 1990 and written by Lawrence B Harkless and Steven M Krych, both podiatric doctors in the USA. The team set about revamping a useful handbook for current audiences. The book is not intended to replace the larger reference books on podiatry and sub-medical subjects. Still, it brings into focus a valuable quick reference for some common subjects.

David agreed to use his self-publishing firm,  Busypencilcase Communications (BPCC), to write, produce and publish a modern text at a lower price available from the IoCP or Amazon books in paperback, complete with ISBN registration. A small team working with BPCC developed and produced the book live for July, covering 30,000 words, 50 diagrams and images, 15 tables, contents and an index with a vibrant, glossy cover in paperback. 

 ‘I had not conceived the possibility of completing a book so swiftly and can only attribute those at the IoCP who facilitated every query and response with such alacrity.’ The Author. David believes inherently that you need to, ‘start with anatomy and the rest will fall into place. Ignore this advice, and the foot will remain a mystery.’

Student review

After being asked to review the book for first-year podiatry students, Felix Kilmartin at the University of Ulster responded – “Having just finished the first year, I know what it’s like trying to get to grips with anatomy and biomechanics, and I think your book will be hugely beneficial to not only students but practising podiatrists as well. As Albert Einstein commented once, “If you cannot explain something simply you do not understand it well enough.” I thought this book did just that and explained difficult concepts in a clear and insightful manner. (August 2023)


New Book, Old Foot Book

Scribblings from author David reviewing the older Harkless book (1990), published by Churchill-Livingstone. Click here for a larger view.

The older Harkless book was outdated and, in many ways, would unlikely serve the modern needs of foot health practitioners or podiatrists in the 21st century. The surgery side was limited and would only be of interest to those limited in this field. The field of biomechanics was brief and covered terminology alone. Curiously anatomy was detailed, and it was felt this should remain. Sports were removed, as was trauma as too light in detail. 

We developed a striking cover to emphasise the importance of anatomy.

New Content


  1. Terminology, Parts and Descriptions of the Foot
  2. The Concept of Biomechanics
  3. Movement ~ ‘Gait’
  4. Muscles & Mechanics
  5. Homeostasis & The Foot
  6. The Shoe and Foot in Harmon
  7. Observation and Examination
  8. Imaging the Foot
  9. Pain & Assessment
  10. Common Causes of Pain Affecting the Foot
  11. Dermatology & Skin Lesions
  12. Risks and Effects
  13. Congenital Conditions
  14. History and Recording for the Clinician
  15. Reference and Further Studies

The new book provides quality diagrams, images and tables to support the text. Click here for a larger view.

Why not read a chapter: Imaging the Foot for free? Click here.

What the IoP Say about their new book

This book should be useful for all health professionals, whether podiatrists, medical students, general practitioners or nurses.

The book clearly describes the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the foot and is illustrated by clear line drawings.

The challenging subject of foot and lower limb mechanics is admirably clarified and easy to follow as a 180-page paperback book produced as a small pocket-size volume with a sensible retail price. The material will answer both basic and more complex foot problems encountered by any practitioner in foot health.

Director of Education for the IoCP, Martin Harvey, believes few comparable publications hit the target so precisely. This will be of inestimable value to those entering either the registered or (currently) unregistered arms of our profession as well as other health professionals. It pitches its content at a level that is neither patronising to those with some knowledge of the subject nor intimidating to those new to it. This publication sets the benchmark for this type of book.

‘An Introduction to the Foot and Its Common Problems in the Adult and Its Common Problems’ is available directly from the IoCP or Amazon book.

Purchase a copy of this book and save over £2.00 from The Institute of  Podiatrists priced at £12.99 (including P&P £15.49). Contact them at this link.
Amazon price £15.20 + P&P

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Published by Busypencilcase Communications July 2023

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