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Common questions to guide the patient with colour pictures, diagrams, tables, figures, and past data from the Royal College of Podiatry

Summaries and Tables to guide patient advice. Open the link to see the table HERE



How to recognise a neuroma?
What exactly is a neuroma?
What treatment can I expect?
Neurectomy: consent and risks
Knowing what to expect.
What can I expect on discharge?
Contrasting operations top and bottom
Final thoughts and loose ends


The squeeze test + self-help guide


What the readers have said

“I doubt this level of information could be better” Prior (Gait Centre and sports consultant, London)

“I think this is a novel and brilliant piece of work. I worked through some of your experiences with the team at Ilkeston… the consent chapter was exceptional.”  Professor Tim Kilmartin (consultant & former Dean of the Faculty of Surgery, College of Podiatry)

“…I think that your book should become a “MUST HAVE” for everyone interested in Morton’s Neuroma – patients and clinicians alike.”Dr Marius Vintila

racersix (AMAZON reviewer)
5.0 out of 5 stars This book has been such a big help Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 March 2020
What a great book. Bought this as I was suffering with Morton Neuroma and bursa between toes 3 & 4 and also a neuroma between toe 2 & 3, this book helped me to come to the decision of having surgery to remove the neuroma and bursa between 3rd/4th toe, leaving the other one as it is for now. I also found it extremely helpful to know that after surgery the pains and feelings that I was experiencing were quite normal. I keep referring to David Tollafield’s journey post op and comparing my own recovery with his own. I am week 3 post op and according to David’s own recovery I can relate with all he has detailed. I would definitely recommend this book, especially after surgery to help put your own mind at rest that all the pain and abnormal feelings are to be expected and it also helps to know what to expect as the weeks/months go by. I was given very little information on what to expect after surgery from my own surgeon so this book has been well worth purchasing.

“Very easy to understand … I would have found it helpful to have something like this as I was on google and wanted as much information as possible prior to surgery.” Mrs Jenny Norton, Patient

“…there is nothing like experiencing the symptoms and results of intervention for oneself. This is why this book is so unique.”Mr Trevor Prior (consultant)

“…this book is very accessible and easily understandable by the lay reader/patient (due to its clear, simple and concise language) without losing any of its medical scientific value.”   Resident Medical Officer, Spire Hospital

“I liked the diagrams very much … diagrams and drawings are a highly useful way to convey complicated information.”Mr Lyndon Jones (consultant)

Mr Tollafield operated on, and removed my neuroma, as well as correcting work done by a previous surgeon. He is an excellent surgeon, and I have the utmost respect for his breadth of knowledge, not to mention his willingness to keep me informed every step of the way. Good, informative book. Thank you (patient)

This e-book has everything you want to know about the Neuroma of the foot and its associated pain. You will find inside the hard and soft facts about this condition and the various treatments available for it. Data is included from 5331 people having Neuroma surgery between 2010 and 2017.

The author is an experienced UK Consultant Podiatric Surgeon and former Dean of Podiatric Surgery, College of Podiatry. David has had surgery himself and so writes from a patient experience viewpoint. He demystifies the medical jargon associated with this type of foot pain.

I would highly recommend this read for anyone making decisions about their care and treatment of foot pain. If nothing else, you hopefully won’t be tempted to take the dressing off or go back to work too early after this enlightening story. Suzanne Taylor, Emeritus Dean of Podiatric Surgery, College of Podiatry.

An excellent informative book for people suffering from Morton’s neuroma, those contemplating surgery and healthcare professionals who manage problematic foot health conditions. Easy to read and understand with helpful diagrams.

I have been a practising foot surgeon for about 38 years. I found this book very much like the way I would try to inform patients about what their foot problem was, what treatment options were available, what stage along the course of the disease they were at, and what they may expect in the future. I am sorry this book was not available over all those years because this format has a distinct advantage over all the other forms of information we used to hand out because interested people may simply purchase it for themselves, read it in their own time and not confined by any perceived time limits of an office visit. Pamphlets are not as thorough as this format and may cost as much as this Kindle version. Not to mention the viewpoint of the surgeon-turned-patient. I will definitely be advising my patients to read this and keep it handy as their disease process moves along. Dr Paul Stepanczuk, D.P.M.

*Having known David for many years I know his passion for care and patient-focused treatment – this book gives a really nice outline of the experiences you see in patients day in and day out and how this affects them. Understanding the role of the Podiatrist is vital but also how much it is a concordance in planning treatment rather than directing the ‘intervention’ – a good read if you have had this or not! Matt Fitzpatrick (Former Chair of Royal College of Podiatry)

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