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Who are Voices from Podiatric Medicine written for?

This book is part of a series of three books written by the author. ‘Voices’ should appeal to anyone who wants a good read about clinical foot medicine—the ups and downs of professionals making their way up the ladder. There is comedy, pathos, struggles to overcome problems, and those wonderful patients. This is not just a book covering feet, but people who help those in pain, with deformities and at risk. For a designated career book, go to my book pagebooks and all that written stuff. Written by a podiatrist with over forty years of experience.

If you want to study or are awaiting university, then Foot Health Myths, Facts and Fables is the book that provides insight into the foot and its problems, but in a light-hearted way. 

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Voices from Podiatric Medicine explores the experiences and recounts the journeys of podiatrists from all aspects of the profession. A profession that can be as straightforward or as specialist as the individual seeks. Where once it was perceived to be simply about general, routine practice, a podiatrist is now armed with the skills and knowledge and much more before graduating, enabling them to pursue a full and varied career on many levels. Podiatry is a profession that has evolved over the last four decades into an essential role within any healthcare setting.

My career has been varied, interesting, and far from boring or routine. It has given me flexibility and allowed me to explore any specialism I wish for.  Upon qualification, I spent most of my career in the NHS.  After several years of routine and high-risk clinics, I progressed into training, management and podiatric surgery.  I then ventured into independent practice, which gave me flexibility around my work on the Council. I now have the pleasure and privilege of being Chairman. 

The author and I have been passing one another, like ships in the night, for three decades.  I have always been aware of his devotion and passion within the profession in the same company on many occasions, always acknowledging yet never speaking. My first recollection of David was as a Council member, then as a Surgical Tutor and now as a world-renowned author.

He has encapsulated the insights of leading names within podiatry. He has allowed us to see their journey through his eyes and mind, enabling the reader to discover many other aspects and a different slant of something that may be close to their heart and soul.

Whether you are a longstanding podiatrist, new graduate or student, this book inspires and encourages you to redouble your efforts or even consider changing your career or direction.

Chair of Council, Royal College of Podiatry. Michelle Scott, May 2023

What others have said about ‘VOICES FROM PODIATRIC MEDICINE’

In this book, the author’s deep regard for podiatry as a profession “worth shouting about” is amply supported by a vast array of professional narratives, retold as reflections on individual careers and anecdotes from practice.   What emerges is a broad tapestry woven from the experiences of senior practitioners across a wide range of speciality areas, from the musculoskeletal field to the private sector, from ‘high-risk’ work to podiatric surgery, and from managerial leadership to academic research.          

Insights into the treatment of dancers and Olympic athletes, the nascent world of forensic identification, or the challenge of contributing to the intensive care of patients with Covid 19 during the dark days of the pandemic all add to a fascinating and enlightening series of vignettes which cover the full scope of modern practice.

Each account is unique yet accurately mirrors the span of work undertaken by podiatrists today.  Every contributor offers an authoritative and authentic story that is inspiring and illuminating. 

This collection of personal sketches offers a glimpse of the full ambit of the profession and serves as an engaging and novel introduction to podiatry, as well as a valuable guide to those seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career in healthcare.         

Emeritus Professor Alan Borthwick, OBE, University of Southampton

The book can be purchased from Amazon Books as a paperback (£12.99) or hardback (£30.00). An eBook is now available.

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