Where do you go for foot problems?

It’s a good question, where do you go for foot problems? I set out to help people with their foot health concerns after 40+ years of clinical practice as a podiatrist. Being an educator and communicator I decided to set up this site although originally this was for my own patients way back in 2014 –  https://www.consultingfootpain.co.uk. Anything in blue is a link to another page.

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As a professional I naturally want people to seek help at the right time. However, it is clear that there is a narrow margin where early self help can provide all the assistance required. The internet is awash with adverts and videos and promotion. Most adverts come from the USA where self promotion has always stood away from more conservative countries. Australia however falls in between. When it comes to where do you go for foot problems you could just as easily end up with a physiotherapist as a podiatrist. There is nothing wrong with who you seek as long as the advice is sound. But how do you know when something is trustworthy?

A word of warning

If you suffer from chronic problems with your feet do seek help from a professional registered person, ideally a podiatrist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (UK). Professional fees vary from county to county, town and city.  Check if you are insured or if treatment is available on the NHS if cost is a concern  – especially for diabetic problems. There is no set fee recommended but professionally qualified practitioners will hold at least a primary degree and will offer you a medical consultation rather than a pedicure. If all you need is pedicure then there are outlets for this but podiatry is a sub-branch of medicine and health care where standards of care delivery are expensive to maintain in this ever complex world. Patients are protected from bacteria, fungal infections viruses which include hepatitis and coronavirus using autoclaves and sterile equipment that are expensive to maintain and hold a valid mark of quality.  

Avoid sales pitch


Lengthy videos, self promotion and lack of clarity behind the authorship should be treated with some skepticism. Once adverts seek payment then this is the time to consider the pitch as less helpful. Someone is out to grab your hard earned money.

What does this site intend to offer?

First, is your problem manageable? Can you help yourself. Is your foot problem due to injury, acute or chronic pain?  Secondly, how long have you had the problem for? Then there is the question; I have seen someone before, now where do you go for foot problems? ConsultingFootPain covers common problems and tries to expand on the detail within reason.

I use videos that I trust and have been moving to podcasts occasionally. All material I use comes from trusted sites. I won’t reinvent the wheel as my role is to sift information for you and do the donkey work. I will point out what to look at and what to avoid. If it is scientific I will try to breakdown the information where possible.

If you sign-up to my site as a layperson I will send you a newsfeed covering all the key articles over the last period. These go out as Winter, Summer and Autumn mail drops. If you have a scientific mind, or are a fellow professional or someone who wants more detail, then there are my clinical articles. Any person can request monthly newsfeed but these are generally for clinicians. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How is this site funded?

This is a non-profit making site. I use material provided freely from Facebook, patient enquiries and people stories to bring the human element to my articles. I write books to expand on some conditions or aspects of care delivery which I sell to generate income for this site. All sites cost money to run so any book purchases, talks and professional advice that provides return is ploughed back in. You may see a fiction book listed and again this all helps run the show if it brings in any income. All my pictures are stock library photos and are licensed. 

You can share any information on this site

All my material is OPEN ACCESS. Open access means anyone can read it without paying. The only thing I ask is that you quote the authorship which could be me or one of my authors. By using my site will help to ensure that the source you are quoting is recognised. The date of publication or review date is given at the bottom of the article. All links are in blue so click on anything and it will take you to another site. The links help keep articles short and sweet but provide opportunities for further detail. There are over 170 articles on my site, some written by me, others by trusted authors.

Getting in touch

Tell your story by writing to me at my e-mail address myfootjourneys@mail.comIf you want to write as an authoritative author write to me through – davidt@busypencilcase.com. Each article published on this site allows you to write a query below or supportive comment. If I like your comment I will write back to you. I am very patient focused and prefer to keep explanations as simple as possible. Making writing elementary is not about avoiding terminology, dismissing the ability of readers or suggesting complex discussions are not within a reader’s reach. I use a reading score which is marked between 40-80. The low score may mean it is slightly harder to read or more technical. This is not intended as a formal research site but does use some of the tools we might find in research papers such as references. More about the editor (pictured)

Busypencilcase Reflective Communications is my own publishing trade name. ConsultingFootPain is the name of this site. Footlocker is the brand name for all my articles for laypeople and Clinician Portal for more clinically detailed articles. 

If you like the site tell me and everyone. If there are subjects missing, then tell me and I will consider writing. One patient asked me about foot bumps and this article reached 70,000 hits in 2020 alone. There is no question too small to ask.

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Thanks for reading ‘Where do you go for foot problems?’ written by author and editor of ConsultingFootPain, David R Tollafield.

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Published 13 February 2021



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