Health professionals and getting advice

It is important for those contemplating exercising for the first time to make sure you seek advice if you have second thoughts or concern about your ability. There are a number of health professionals you can access as well as your main GP. This is more relevant if you have a known medical disease. If you consider yourself fit, and you exercise regularly, then my series on keeping fit at the gyn may not apply. However, if your health changes then you should take professional advice. Here are a few conditions that might guide you.

  • shortness of breath
  • overweight
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • thyroid problems
  • kidney disease

This list is far from complete and may include cancer therapy, skin conditions, blood related problems such as clotting. If you take medication for medical problems perhaps seek advice about exercising. Today and certainly in the wake of Covid-19 exercise and weight loss can make a difference to your chances of fighting infections. GPs are now prescribing fitness centres more and more to reduce dependency on medication. For a little more detail you can go to my article entitle Am I fit to Use the Gym.

Health professionals ideally belong to regulated professions


Advice can come from a number of professionals dedicated to health. All healthcare professionals should be registered. Regulators are often known as Councils. The doctor’s regulator is the General Medical Council or GMC, but there are other Councils.

Those that look after my profession (podiatry) and physiotherapists are formed from the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).  A broad list of different professions are covered under the HCPC. This is where you will find me registered. Nurses are covered by the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC).


Professionals are all trained with some level of medicinal knowledge. Many can undertake measurements such as blood pressure. The diagnosis of a medical condition however is usually delivered by a medically trained and qualified doctor.  Any health professional can suggest a diagnosis but formal confirmation is more often provided after appropriate tests and examination. 

Read more about ‘exercise’ in my series on exercise and using a fitness centre. You can read the first article here. ‘Getting back to being fit again‘.

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7 August 2020

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