References for Plantar Digital Neuroma

References have been cited for the work behind the 9th Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference on 2nd December 2021. A further presentation will be provided at the NEC where a review of the material relevant to podiatry will be presented on Thursday 12th May 2022. 

A full list of references is available to support professionals. As I prepared for this 25-minute presentation I realised that there was no way on earth I could do justice to a subject that has become so personal to me. While writing a book for patients and laypeople there is so much that has happened and continues to be published. As always it comes down to the quality of research and that fundamental – what is the question we want to ask?

  • Why does a neuroma arise and why do some but not all treatments work?
  • Should we subject ourselves to surgery and do we know the risks?

The second point I would emphasise to any clinician keen on evidence of a reliable source, make sure that the design is robust.

Papers that have blind controls, prospective designs, and random subject selection, are far more noteworthy than those that exist as single studies with narrow follow up periods. Happy reading and do follow my series as it unfolds. I have produced a ‘neuroma series’ from this talk to expand on some of the features that time failed to allow. 


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