A Word of Warning when considering the Gym for your fitness

It seemed important when considering improving your fitness in a centre to take responsibility. Hence I am stressing a warning about approaching your exercise before embarking on any exercise if you have health problems. The simple fact is that you cannot just go out there ‘cold’ and exercise without some thought for your safety.

Don’t crash out too soon

You wouldn’t drive down the road without brakes. A regular service check is important. Using the right fuel is important to keep the engine running smoothly. In so many ways the same applies when we use our body for exercise. We must consider how our bodies will perform beyond the activities of sitting and walking. If you are breathing harder than usual, then you are making demands on your body. The question posed is ‘am I fit for exercise?’ Don’t go out and exercise without a thought to some of the health warnings in this article. My diaries are focusing on older age or the silver surfers like me, and those with existing health problems. This short video introduces a need for awareness of how our bodies change. 

Focusing on two groups of concerns

We can divide the body into two main concerns. The musculoskeletal system – joints, bones, ligaments and muscles and secondly the organ system. This comprises the heart, lungs, kidneys (urinogenital system), liver, brain & the central nervous system, control of hormones (endocrine system) and skin.

Seeking advice

Check with your GP first if worried

The GP

My article on seeking advice will help you consider some of the health issues before you head to join a gym. Selecting your GP for advice is the logical choice. You can read Am I fit to Use the Gym? I discuss blood pressure, hearts, lungs and other working parts of the body.  Your doctor will be thrilled to see you lose some weight and improve your fitness. Don’t forget there are classes at many gyms that include yoga, Zumba, and relaxation for lighter efforts. Fitness centres are really a resource that we should all support.

You can also seek out a wide range of professionals to help. More information can be found in my short article on healthcare professionals

 The staff at the fitness centre

The second part of advice is to discuss your plan with the fitness centre. Centres have trained personnel who understand many of the needs of their clients. Given that referrals are made by doctors and other health professionals, you would benefit from a tailored plan. My own diaries are made from my own return to the gym after the Government had reopened gyms and fitness centres. I am a registered health professional and have been trained in medicine and physiology. I took a degree in human movement and have taught biomechanics. Having had an active life, my familiarity with gyms and sports has led me to write a little bit about getting back to fitness.

My own aches and pains at 64 years of age

Thanks for reading  ‘My Gym Diaries and a Word of Warning’ by David R Tollafield

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