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This is a quick read information source designed as a quick reference to other, longer articles available on this site. As an ex-lecturer and educationalist in the field of podiatry, I am passionate about my subject and profession. Join me in finding out more about podiatric medicine and all its different options in a new series and project.

from some of the most senior podiatrists in the UK. Read their stories and learn about podiatry from those who have developed this exciting field.


Registered Podiatrist and author David Tollafield writes to guide school leavers in selecting a fantastic career

A quick overview with useful links

Read about podiatry and its various roles for students keen on a career in a medical profession, Why not chose Podiatry as a career choice? This article is aimed at school pupils, career teachers and schools in general where pupils are looking to the healthcare professions as a career choice. Click here to find out how to find a podiatrist, select a university or review the NHS pay grades.

It’s tough to make that decision with so many options from the age of 13 onwards. Panic sets in with a fear of making the wrong selection. Knowledge is essential, and it is hoped that this article may help you with your decision by providing an overview of podiatry. After reading this short article why not download this pull-out article an introductory article to podiatry or go to the online article hereThis article provides trusted information about the profession of podiatry as an option for those with A level subjects.

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A new series on podiatry and opportunities is now available and published on this site. More stories are added each week covering a wide range of subjects







Here are just some of the articles available on this site from Spring 2022… start with the overview and a downloadable PDF sheet.

“I think that if I had had the opportunity to view such literature when I was a teenager with little idea of what I might do with my life, I would have been much more convinced to give podiatry a try than I was at the time. This article is really valuable and gives a clear, honest picture of the profession. Your work is accurate, broad ranging, clear and inspiring; it is ideal for school leavers and sixth form students.” Professor Alan Borthwick

30 Stories about podiatrists, students and their activities, specialties & career journeys

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How to find a podiatrist for contact experience? HERE

Which university to select? HERE

Options, interviews with students and salaries in the NHS. HERE

You can also contact The Royal College of Podiatry, OR The Institute of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and individual universities. Talks to schools can be arranged by podiatrists and CFP is happy to make contact if you have any difficulties. Write to David at

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ConsultingFootPain publishes articles regularly about podiatry on this website as well as books on podiatry (available from Amazon). Look out for more articles.  For teachers interested in the career of podiatry the profession has hooked up with an initiative called inspiring the future. This link will take you to the article ‘Podiatry as an Inspiring Career.’