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My aim at Busypencilcase Communications Ltd is to help budding writers blossom and develop their hidden clinical skills. I can support you by starting you from scratch if you have not published before. While, elsewhere you would have to pay for this expertise, the service is free. BusypencilCase Communications Ltd does not offer a service to write for payment or pay authors.

David Tollafield 

It’s easy to submit an article to Reflective Podiatric Practice for Podiatrists

The format to writing is simple.

Write openly, honestly, passionately.

Reflection is about what you observe, what you have learned that works and what does not. Reflection might consider your mistakes which when shared can help others. Sure, this is not always easy because you feel embarrassed but then hiding does not move us on. That is why I started to write. It is not trumping myself up as Mr Perfect as who can aspire to this status?

If you have any doubts read Thinking Outside the Box, an article inspired by the death of a patient. 

Feel that sense of achievement

There is no reason why you cannot write a formal paper, that is encouraged, but to reach clinical readers, tell them something new, not copied. Use references by all means, I still do and feel representing my sources is important. If you are stuck, don’t know how to start, then let me help. Write a draft, no matter how rough and lets work together. Seeing you publication printed and reproduced leaves a great feeling of achievement

Feedback from podiatry author David Holland

“I thoroughly enjoyed the editing process. David was very helpful, without detracting from the thrust of the article in any way. He managed to restore a nice sense of balance and equilibrium in what was, in its first draft, a fairly opinionated piece of work.”

Evolution of the UK Foot Health Profession. A clinicians Perspective. 2019; 2(3). Published March 2019

Get Going

Write out your draft aiming for around 1200 words. You can used up to 3500 so you have plenty of space to work. Think of an angle to your subject. Leave the title as a rough idea intially. We can work on that. Consider the message. What are you trying to tell us? Do you have material that shows the journey you have made to reach this point? In some ways telling a story and how you reached the end point is more engaging.

I wrote a piece looking at hyperlinking as an example of a topic and then made this it into a podcast to help would-be authors understand reflection better. Hyperlinking reflection.

The Podcast link. Click here.

When ready submit your draft to davidt@busypencilcase.com as a word document not pdf format. Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready, we never do and there is plenty of time to sift out issues of design and content.

I will let you have thoughts and we can work toward your publication as a 2 column, coloured journal style paper. Please provide a quality head shot ideally as a jpeg and any professional profile. Let Busypencilcase Communications do the rest and make you proud.

Each paper has a volume, page number for back reference citation which you can share. If you want to make this OPEN ACCESS then let me know so that your efforts can be circulated to a wider platform including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others as deemed appropriate. 


DO publish your research in proprietary journals

It is not recommended that you submit randomised controlled studies of worth, complex papers or papers containing statistics above percentages, ranges or standard deviation.

DO consider using proprietary journals for formal research. You can submit abstracts of papers with permission or conference talks. Reflection from case studies new and old together with technique tips you have found helpful. 

Publication is an important way to show how you reflect within your practice. Articles are intended to promote an easier read, provoke thought and hopefully encourage feedback.

Reflective Podiatric Practice articles for Students (undergraduate & postgraduate)

Students should not be left out. Bear in mind you are the next generation of podiatrists

Please note that dissertations and material subject to marking can only be submitted once the award has been made.

 Whilst still under educational jurisdiction no advice can be provided that might disadvantage other students or bring disrepute to the profession or institution and all are advised that matters can be referred to the Health Care Professions Council where punitive decisions can be made.

The same criteria applies to those training for surgical fellowship where internal publications are required for educational validation. Any articles unrelated to education can otherwise fall under the assistance category.

Consider starting your portfolio today with Reflective Podiatric Practice.
e-mail: davidt@busypencilcase.com

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