Welcome to ‘Writing a Patient Diary’. 

Keeping a diary is fun. This is free so just download version 4.0 from this website (please see the link at the bottom of this page in blue). You can hand write or type whichever you prefer. Writing a daily note of how your recovery goes is both helpful to you and your clinician. Download this free guide today. The context of the material in this short guide covers various tips.

Why write?

You can so that you can monitor your progress, or look back months or even years later if you need to see another clinician or specialist. Our memories are never that accurate and it is surprising what we forget when it comes to details, names of medicines, investigation and people and places. Diaries can be as detailed as you wish or simple. Here is a sample from a real patient who wrote with some brevity.

“A good nights sleep woke  7-30am no pain feet just feel heavy with the dressings No pain relief needed today Can stand on my feet now without wincing”

Then we have a patient who likes more detail.

“I have mastered the art of getting in and out of the bath keeping my left leg clear of the water, being nimble and agile has its advantages. No pain on waking but after bathing and dressing and maneuvering downstairs I was starting to feel uncomfortable, after sitting with foot elevated for a while was feeling better.  Have not felt the need for any pain relief so far today. The rest of the day was spent watching Christmas films on TV with my foot elevated”

Publishing your diary

Your diary can be produced as a post or short article in Footlocker. Write in your own personal style and ensure your record those little details which could help others. The guide is downloadable so please click the link for further guidance.

Is there a best way?
No, do what is comfortable.
Do you have to be a good writer?
No, just put down how you feel in your own words.
Complete your diary at the same time each day if possible

The Link to my latest Guide

Download http://consultingfootpain.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Guide-to-writing-a-diary-V4.0-BPCC_2019.docx

What’s in it for me?

There is a satisfaction in recording information for later when all is forgotten. Imagine having a conversation and suddenly wanting to check out the facts. Written down as events happen is accurate and representative of our lives as they unfold. Unlike a formal publisher, I am unable to reward you financially. My website is a free information resource that I like to share and most of the costs come from the sales of books and public speaking. Essentially ConsultingFootPain is subsidised from my own pocket. By writing you are contributing to a wealth of untapped knowledge for everyone. Give back a little…

Thanks for downloading ‘Writing a patient Diary’ written by David Tollafield first published in August 2018, updated April 2019.