The Missing Lecture’

 ‘A clinical talk from Consultant David Tollafield’: The Missing Lecture. Bunions

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GPs refer more first toe problems than any other complaint for foot advice to podiatrists. If you have had a similar experience to me, the information provided at college about hallux valgus and the bunion was of so little value that I could not meet the dictionary definition; that a podiatrist could give advice, let alone treat. When John Cleese of Monty Python fame walked in through the door in 1977 at our school, the advice offered was probably not the most enlightening!

Then I met Mr Schultz. The first orthopaedic surgeon I’d ever met…Mr Shultz was not considered a pleasant man, but then, he liked the stage.

In this talk, I will draw on over 40 years of experience and 2 years of research in developing my latest patient journey guide book. The focus is directed to podiatrists providing the most effective advice for this common condition while remaining at the forefront of good foot health management. Whether you contain the problem by advice or intervention or refer on to another professional, podiatrists should be able to offer their patient’s clarity. This is not intended as a surgical talk but will raise confidence based on understanding some of the pathologies that are less visible in the clinic. Often podiatrists are ill-equipped to refer and judge options when conservative care fails. This hit and miss approach does not assist the profession’s call to provide the best advice.

What audiences have said

informative & interesting
Great speaker
Strong on experience and knowledge of speaker
very good communicator
I would not change anything

Key features of the talk

Why do people want treatment?
Arming the patient with knowledge
What the podiatrist needs to kno

Bonus features

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About the author

As a reflective podiatrist, my career commenced in 1975 at University College (London Foot Hospital). I became a clinical teacher, academic lecturer, clinical (surgical) tutor, and consultant in Podiatric Surgery.

My clinical time has included research on foot health with a number of publications. Promoting the subject of foot health as a podiatrist is vital and can dictate our value in the medical field. Included in my publications and books covering podiatry I have added Morton’s Neuroma (2017-18) and recently Bunion – Behind the Scenes (2019). These latest books are intended for patients but written as podiatry rather than orthopaedic texts.



Shropshire Branch 
3rd December. More details to follow. Contact through College of Podiatry Branch Secretary. Feedback questionnaire results now available [here]

Devon Branch, Kenn Community Centre. 
13th February. More details to follow. Contact through College of Podiatry Branch Secretary, Erica Nicholls (


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