Patient testimonials from my Practice years

Mr Tollafield is a retired podiatric surgeon and provided a wide range of services to patients in the Midlands and Northampton areas between 1987-2017. Please see his regular blog - Footlocker

GPs views (taken from survey)

In 1987 we introduced podiatric surgery to the Northampton area and this became very popular during a period before GP Fundholding was brought in by the Thatcher Goverment. Podiatric Surgery took off after this and resulted in the King’s Fund undertaking a report.

The King’s Fund produced a booklet on ‘The cost Effectiveness of Podiatric Surgery Services’ in 1997 using the results of a number of surveys. One survey within the publication  used our own study from 1993.


Tollafield, D R. Podiatric Surgical Audit. Impact on Foot Health – results of a five year study. Journal of British Podiatric Medicine 48:89-95 1993

‘Very thorough’
‘Very satisfied with the service’
‘Superb service, much quicker recovery than after orthopaedic surgery’
‘Extremely good, patients full of praise’
‘Satisfactory and pleased with the speed of operation’
‘Probably more attention than is possible in the orthopaedic department’
‘I shall continue to refer’

Desire to run a marathon but could not as too much foot pain

Painful bunion

Foot & Heel Pain

Stubborn ingrowing toes nails

Toe deformity


Evidence for age and gender

Golden Heart Awards

Not always successful

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