‘Talk to Devon Branch College of Podiatry’

The talk to the  ‘Devon Branch part of the College of Podiatry was held on 15th November at 7.30 at Hannah’s Seale Hayne centre with a good turn out on a foggy miserable evening. With questions, the evening discussions ran for 70 minutes with plenty of opportunity for interaction and shared knowledge. The comments below came from feedback forms with 94% saying good or excellent with 6% saying ‘about right’. 

Strong aspects (audience feedback)

  • delivery of knowledge
  • the balance between visual material and speaking
  • very knowledgeable speaker, evidence-based, answered questions succinctly
  • Great information is given with plenty of examples
  • Clear and specific
  • clear speech with good structure to presentation
  • (important) not to dismiss conservative care and to listen to patient stories of their symptoms…
  • Interesting content and audience participation, not too many slides. Very informative plus chance to ask questions
    (of learning points) we (clinicians) need to listen more.
  • Conservative treatment has a significant role to play in management (neuroma).
  • The depth of knowledge and experience of the speaker with well-illustrated points



Thanks for reading ‘Devon Branch Talk’ written by David Tollafield.