How to get your Free Paperback?

Selling foot health can be received free. As with many of my books, if you decide to purchase the eBook please contact me if you write a review on Amazon and I will send you a free paperback version. Postage will be included within the UK. Available until 31st September 2020

Selling Foot Health as Podiatry is my latest book. To qualify all you have to do is read below. 

(A) First please buy this e-book called Selling Foot Health
(B) Then Sign-Up on the platform page. The offer is open to any UK registered (HCPC) podiatrist. Student podiatrists at one of the current universities offering a BSc Podiatry course are also included in this offer.
(C) Once you have read the book then post a comment on Amazon books & rate this out of ‘5’ and submit this to Amazon
(D) Drop me an e-mail to verify you review by wrighting to

Become a Hi-Star by signing-up to this website. Any special deals and messages will be sent out to you first. Open up the messages regularly and click on the articles.

Exclusions on this offer.

My first book Morton’s Neuroma is not included on the list

Non HCPC registered podiatrists
Overseas podiatrists
(although can receive free copy if postage paid in advance)
Unsigned up to consultingfootpain
Failure to contact author by e-mail provided
Anyone writing an unprofessional review or couched in poor language will be excluded at this author’s discretion. 

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