Runners get injury sorted early 

Ask 200 runners attending the giant NEC show in January in Birmingham what tips they would offer and you get 117 replies. The actual top tip was rest between long runs, that was 13% of the responses. Even without seeing the results I would say this was ‘right on the money!’


James Murray (pictured), Co-Founder of Aussie Soles UK, stood enthusiastically asking those willing to fill in a questionnaire.

We look forward to these results later James but the 20,000 attendees over the two days were passionate about dealing with runner’s problems. And what better way to learn from those that DO.



Top Tips Survey (Aussie Soles) War on Foot Pain

Advice from runners about running problems. Top tips Survey (Aussie Soles) War on Foot Pain.

Rest (Blue), Footwear (orange), Professional advice (grey) and all others (shaded)

There was of course the odd flippant comment like ‘don’t have the menopause’ and ‘I run through the pain’ or ‘even keep running get sorted!

Survey in brief

Anyone who runs with emotional intent certainly knows running through pain is a sure way to knock yourself out of the next runners meeting. As a former consultant in the field of podiatry dealing with daily foot, ankle and leg pain, the pearl of wisdom ‘listen to your body’ and ‘get sorted as soon as possible’ resonated common sense.

While only the ‘3’ tops tips might be illustrated between 11-13% of responses, there were plenty between 5-8%.

One emotional runner felt that using a (not named here) social fitness network made them feel a need to keep going. This was not the case as we stood over the way from Steve Cram’s Training Camp where advice covered not just physical activity but provided awareness how the musculo-skeletal system works applied to safe running.

Other categories

So thanks James for your efforts and those who kindly gave their time to answer your questions. So we start with ‘recognise injury and problems and get it sorted!’ What about the other key categories in the shaded area…?

  • Stretching methods
  • Foam rolling
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Running shoe selection
  • Use of recovery soles (like Aussie soles) after running
  • Join clubs for foot drills

Oh, yes and that Koala bear James is holding? Well old softy James and his partner Irina love wildlife and could not resist donating Australian $ 1,174.00 (£606.00) to the WWF Bushfire Emergency Fund  at a time certainly in need.

Well done all around Aussie Soles for raising Foot Health at this year’s NEC Runners Show. To see the full report run by Aussie Soles click the link here

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Thanks for reading this article on recognising injuries and problems in runners, written by David R Tollafield

Published by Busypencilcase Communications Ltd. February 2020