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Regular Articles

Feet and Safety at home

Spring – Autumn is a great time to do DIY for us all. The Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents or RoSPAas it is better known, publish statistics on all kinds of accidents. Feet tend not to be so well recorded, and as far as home is concerned, not so easy to tease out.

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It’s my planters!

It is unusual to have a questions asked about two conditions which suggested the respondent had done some research. ConsultingFootPain and Footlocker believe in good quality information free to access so I wrote a short article on this common problem, but introduce a new great source from Foot Education.

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Should High Heels be banned?

While as a former podiatrist I dislike high heel shoes it was time to open this pandora box and take a new approach, one that women might not find so alien. As a foot health journalist, it is important to be objective so I wrote not one but two articles for my website.

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Burning Pain in the Foot

'Burning Pain in the Foot'Welcome to my article on burning pain Part 1. I want to introduce you to the condition of tarsal tunnel pain. Read more on ConsultingFootPain. Look out for more special edition articles which will available to download...

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