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Cartilage Erosion predictability in Hallux Valgus. David R Tollafield 2020 3(12):43-47 OPEN ACCESS
Podiatric Adverse Events. Part 3.  Afni Shah-Hamilton 2020.3(2):38-42 OPEN ACCESS
The Impact of anti-cancer treatment on feet. Part 2. Afni Shah-Hamilton 2020.3(2):26-30 OPEN ACCESS
Novice Speaker. The Short Talk. David R Tollafield 2020 3(3):21-25 OPEN ACCESS
The Role of Podiatrists in Cancer Care. Part 1. Early identification & Diagnosis. Afni Shah-Hamilton 2020.3(2):16-20 OPEN ACCESS

SERIES: How do we package Podiatry? (published as separate articles in 5 parts Dec. 2019 – Feb 2020)
This series is now available in a book called Selling Foot Health as Podiatry from AMAZON

READ THE REVIEW by Podiatrist Beverley Wright [here]

Giving Credit to our brand. 
Log, brand, strap line. 
Giving credit to our brand
How can we learn from looking at the whole canvas? 
Burden of Foot Health.

also included in the book from these reflective articles
Patient Communication in Podiatry.

Biomedical Engineering v. Biomechanics. A reflective View. David Holland 2019. 2(11):67-71 OPEN ACCESS
Medicine What’s the Point. Steve Kriss 2019. 2(10):64-66 OPEN ACCESS
Corticosteroid Injection for Podiatrists. A little bit of reflection. Ian N Reilly. Reflective Podiatric Practice. 2019. 2(9):60- 63 OPEN ACCESS
Continuing Professional Development. A Short History. 2019;2(9) 61-64. Ivan Bristow OPEN ACCESS
Reflection.Sorry I should have been more specific!’ 2019;2(9):51-55 OPEN ACCESS
Reflection. ‘sorry I should have been more specific!’ Podcast (audio) 15’21”
We should always have an opportunity to change attitudes. David R Tollafield. 2019(8):46-50 
Prosthesis, patient and podiatrist. Reflection from expert witness days. David R Tollafield. 2019(7):39-45 OPEN ACCESS
Why Does Treatment Fail? The Neuroma Timeline Phenomenon is Not New. David R Tollafield. 2019(6):33-38 OPEN ACCESS
Become a Black Box Thinker. David R Tollafield.2019 (5):28-32 OPEN ACCESS
Patient Communication in Podiatry. How much time should we allow for consultation? David R Tollafield.2019(4):22-27 (Now a chapter in my latest book
Evaluation of the UK Health Profession. A Clinician’s Perspective. 2019;2(3):16-21 David Holland
Critical reading improves your judgement. Reflections from authorship.2019;2(2):9-15 David R Tollafield & Tim E Kilmartin OPEN ACCESS
Why Publish? Is it just a notch on a rather superior bedpost. 2019;2(1):1-8. Tim E Kilmartin OPEN ACCESS

Defending a Case in Court as a Podiatrist (11) 2018
Reflection – Going to court, Consent and Clinical Practice. David R Tollafield2 2018

Consent and communication RPP 2018 (10) David R Tollafield. OPEN ACCESS
Case History (Legal) – Consent under test. David R Tollafield.1 2018
Comparison of Four Disinfection Techniques for clinical Instruments in Podiatry. An original paper (9-part 2). David R Tollafield. article relating to past practice (9) OPEN ACCESS
Motivational Interviewing for Podiatrists. Rosi Targett (8) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
Charting the first use of corticosteroids by podiatrists. An original paper. David R Tollafield. 7) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
The Dawning of the PGD David R Tollafield.6) 2018 OPEN ACCESS

Learning from History. Podiatric surgery development from its conception. Ralph Graham (5) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
A story called ‘In the Shadow of Hippocrates’ A look back in history David R Tollafield. (4) 2018 OPEN ACCESS
Progress through the Art of Communication Image and branding  David R Tollafield. (3) 2018


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