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Reflective Podiatric Practice is a regular publication under Consultingfootpain (brand name) and published by BusypencilcaseCommunications Ltd and is available for podiatrists signed-up to my Newsfeed. The first issue was published as an e-publication in March 2018 (3)


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Reflective Podiatric Practice is a journalistic style article from 500-4000 words, double columns, citable, referenced where needed. Editorial guide and support along the way. My aim at Busypencilcase Communications Ltd is to help budding writer blossom and use hidden skills. So we can start from scratch. Elsewhere you would have to pay for this expertise. Peer Review can be used where required, although this is down the editor’s discretion. You write the article and I will write the header and provide quality illustrations

Feedback from podiatry author David Holland

“I thoroughly enjoyed the editing process. David was very helpful, without detracting from the thrust of the article in any way. He managed to restore a nice sense of balance and equilibrium in what was, in its first draft, a fairly opinionated piece of work.”

Evolution of the UK Foot Health Profession. A clinicians Perspective. 2019; 2(3). Published March 2019

What is featured here?

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  • ‘Reflectives’ for students
  • Continuous professional development and publishing

Published articles 

Written by podiatrists for podiatrists

Why Does Treatment Fail? The Neuroma Timeline Phenomenon is Not New. 2019;2(6):33-38
Become a Black Box Thinker. 2019;2(5):28-32
Patient Communication in Podiatry. How much time should we allow for consultation? 2019;2(4):22-27
Evaluation of the UK Health Profession. A Clinician’s Perspective. 2019;2(3):16-21 David Holland
Critical reading improves your judgement. Reflections from authorship.2019;2(2):9-15 David R Tollafield & Tim E Kilmartin
Why Publish? Is it just a notch on a rather superior bedpost. 2019;2(1):1-8. Tim Kilmartin

Defending a Case in Court as a Podiatrist (11) 2018
Reflection – Going to court, Consent and Clinical Practice. Part 2 2018

Consent and communication RPP 2018 (10) 
Case History (Legal) – Consent under test. Part 1 2018
Comparison of Four Disinfection Techniques for clinical Instruments in Podiatry. An original paper (9-part 2). An article relating to past practice (9)
Motivational Interviewing for Podiatrists. Rosi Targett (8) 2018
Charting the first use of corticosteroids by podiatrists. An original paper. (7) 2018
The Dawning of the PGD (6) 2018

Learning from History. Podiatric surgery development from its conception. Ralph Graham (5) 2018
A story called ‘In the Shadow of Hippocrates’ A look back in history (4) 2018
Progress through the Art of Communication Image and branding (3) 2018

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 Why not submit an article? 

The format is intended to have a general interest for a wide range of readers and easy on the eye. One backdated copy is available on signing-up. ‘R.P.P’ reflects clinical issues and past development in podiatry and considers material reflecting clinical issues and the developmental of our podiatric history. The publication is independent of any other podiatric journal and parts may be peer-reviewed.

If you are a podiatrist and signed-up you will receive articles and publications automatically, notice of events, new books, invitations to become a beta-reader and talks for branches.  Students in full-time training are considered podiatrists and included in the Newsfeed and can also submit material (see below). Non-UK registered (HCPC) podiatrists will require a sponsor. A sponsor is another UK registered podiatrist. Some articles are downloadable directly from the published list. The list of titles for ‘R.P.Practice’ is found below starting with the most recent.

Submitting an article to Reflective Podiatric Practice for Podiatrists

Why not consider submitting an article from 500 to 4000 words for publishing see format [ Ref. Pod Pr. 2018 (7)The use of two injectable corticosteroids.] Read about my first research paper in October’s article. The precursor to this was published in the September article on instrument sterilisation.


If your article is longer than 4000 words it might be split into parts 1 and 2. It is not recommended to submit randomised controlled studies of worth, complex papers or papers containing statistics above percentages, ranges or standard deviation. DO consider using proprietary journals for formal research. Illustrations and photos can be imported. You can submit abstracts of papers with permission or conference talks. Reflection on case studies and techniques, past and present history and development of podiatry are all options worth considering and needed for posterity.

Publication is an important way to show how you reflect your practice and information should be shared with colleagues and at Busypencilcase Communications this is my role. The articles are not about any particular speciality and are designed to promote an easier read and thought and hopefully encourage feedback.

Reflective Podiatric Practice articles for Students (undergraduate & postgraduate)

Please note that dissertations and material subject to marking can only be submitted once the award has been made. BusypencilCase Communications does not offer a service to write for payment. While under educational jurisdiction no advice can be provided that might disadvantage other students or bring disrepute to the profession or institution and all are advised that matters can be referred to the Health Care Professions Council where punitive decisions can be made. The same criteria apply to those training for surgical fellowship where internal publications are required for educational validation. Any articles unrelated to education can otherwise fall under the assistance category.

Reflective Podiatric Practice for Continuous Professional Development

A publication record constitutes Continuous Professional Development and supports your portfolio so anything you contribute is valid, including material after graduating. Each publication is referenced in sequence and can be made available for wider distribution. There is no charge for submitting articles and help is at hand to assist those with less confidence. Do not format any writing. Submit as a word document ideally and try to include any relevant referencing to help readers find locations, u-tube, and other internet links. Again we can help with all of this and make your article stand out.

Consider starting your portfolio today with Reflective Podiatric Practice.
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