Reflection. Sorry I should have been clearer

Welcome to ‘Reflection. Sorry I should have been clearer’ and an article for clinicians setting out to reflect on their daily experience.


As usual, something happened.

When a colleague wanted to write an article I needed to address this with a new message about what REFLECTION was and how to go about the process. It then seemed reasonable therefore to produce an article as an example of reflection.

Sticking to one medium of writing is sometimes less exciting so I thought I would try out an audio version, although you can still read the written article if you prefer.

In this article, I want to highlight three key parts to writing an article by exemplar.

FIRST – GETTING CREATIVE. We need to start somewhere. This is a form of preamble to set the scene. Next comes the main STORYLINE (the idea) which in this case will relate to ‘hyperlinking’. Lastly – The CONCLUSION. That might conclude with reflection around the piece written. However, you can reflect throughout, there is no strict formula as long as the message is conveyed. But, you must actually attend to reflection at some point, not leave it hanging.

The aim is to SHOW you how rather than just TELL you how to do it.

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Thanks for reading ‘Sorry I should have been clearer’ written by David Tollafield for clinicians setting out to reflect on their daily experience.

Published September 2019 by Busypencilcase Reflective Communications Est. 2015