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Progress through the Art of Communication:Image and branding March 2018

A story called ‘In the Shadow of Hippocrates’: A look back in history April 2018

Learning from History: Podiatric surgery development from its conception May 2018

In the Shadow of Hippocrates:The dawning of the PGD.June 2018


Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future – a draft health and care workforce strategy for England to 2027



The effect of sedation with Midazolam on daycare foot surgery

Sedation has a profound effect on the quality of podiatric foot surgery and foot pain treatment. This work has taken four years to bring to the public although represents some 15 years of experience by leading podiatric surgeon David Tollafield. We all know blood pressure can be improved when we are anxious but this is the first podiatric study covering use of Midazolam with senior anaesthetist Dr Nike Akinwale. Articulo is a Spanish Podiatric Journal (English version).

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and foot surgery

This is a condition which is under reported and often misdiagnosed. Burning foot pain was once described by a sufferer as think of pain experienced when putting your hand in a bucket of scalding water without the ability to take it out. Such descriptions must bring home to clinicians and patient alike the potential for this condition to alter one’s way of life. The condition however is not always as severe but early diagnosis is critical. We aim for a diagnosis within three months if not faster but other conditions can mimick the potential symptoms and signs. This makes CRPS a tough condition to judge.


CLINICAL EVIDENCE:Basal wedge osteotomy v Lapidus fusion for hallux valgus

David Tollafield reviews his base wedge osteotomy for severe bunion pain as part of his reflective practice awareness using PASCOM-10 data