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Most foot treatment follows designated treatment pathways. Understand the pathways applicable to you foot condition.

Hello reader, patient or professional. Welcome to my foot pain journey site. A new concept in having patients tell the story starting with my own experience as a patient and the fact that I keep a daily diary. I know, it is sad but boy do you forget things fast so it is a great reference. Most books written about foot conditions look at the subject from one dimension. The clinician forms an opinion of what the condition is, how it may have come about and what can be done about it. The patient has one focus – to get better and the detail may not immediately appear important. I want to keep you away from the knife. Strange as I was a podiatric (foot) surgeon and made my living for 30 years using a scalpel.

Having had foot surgery, as well as knee surgery three times, and recently back surgery, I feel qualified to say we as clinicians do not always meet the patient’s needs in terms of preparation. I don’t mean to suggest we are bad, but we could do better.

Having discussed treatment, taken what we all know as consent and maybe thrown some leaflets out, the actual day to day expectations the patient can often be shrouded by a little confusion. We all know the ‘surgeon’ is busy and sees other patients. Inevitably we, the patient, nod that we understand but so often we don’t.

The clinician relies on leaflets, specific questions the patient may have had the good sense to ask, but also he (the surgeon) relies on the nurses and physiotherapists to add to the discharge picture.

We explain what can go wrong, but so often the reality of this discussion melts into a haze of information. The patient says,

‘I can’t be worse than I am now!’ I’m going to peel away some of the facts that remain hidden in my books starting with nerve pain. My next will cover bunions so watch out for this.

Nothing could be further from the truth especially when the wound fails to heal, pain continues outside the usual expectations, but worse, the patient seems to be making progress as if treading in treacle, and not making any headway.

As a patient I think we need to address some of these issues and be  a little more direct as surgery is not something we can always guarantee.

The series starts with Morton’s Neuroma but there are plenty of conditions that may or may not require surgery that can be added to the list.

My published version of the e-book was launched January 2018 and is in colour with a glossary and a new section on what to look for if an infection is suspected. The cover is different so you can tell the difference between the two publications.

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Printed book from Busypencilcase Communications for 2018


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Look out for the next title due later 2018. In each book patients will have recorded their own journeys. This is what makes these books unique. If you want to be a draft reader (Beta reader) click on beta-reader below and download the pdf


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Tell me if you would like to review my next book. Every reviewer selected will be acknowledged in the front of the book (e-book and printed) and offered a free copy of the printed book once available, plus added to my mailing list for other titles.

Reviewers should ideally be:

  • Over 30 years of age
  • Someone with a foot pain history previously under the care of a professional and/or
  • a registered podiatrist from the U.K, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Canada
  • or a DPM from the USA/Mexico/Canada, or
  • ‘podologue’ from Spain,
  • a GP or orthopaedic surgeon from the U.K

Currently in production

Presenting your image in public with PowerPoint (2018)

A book on public speaking and making the best of your skills from novice to experienced presenter. Avoiding pitfalls with author case histories. From village hall to conference centre.

Thrown into the arena and asked to speak can be learned and the skill refined but it takes practise, know how and dedication. The audience is your client and they must be cared for at all times. The book considers death by PowerPoint, but also how to make the best of it.

‘Standing at the front I smiled weakly as Mr Evans stood up and adressed everyone in a confident voice. You know you are in trouble when someone ‘bigs you up.’ For by now I was in trouble and my desire to speak freely deserted me. I grabbed the notes and tried to speak calmly as taught in my speech and drama classes back in 1966. The talk, for that is at best what it was, was a disaster. How did I know? The audience were disinterested. If I was asked questions I cannot recall. I certainly had few solutions to the questions. I drank some after meeting tea and slunk away back home feeling quite appalled at my performance. My major terror was facing my boss down…’

Bunion (Hallux Valgus): Behind the Scenes ( 2018). Series 2


As the name suggests this book is exclusively about the ‘bunion’ (big toe) deformity and the current thoughts about treatment in detail. As with my Morton’s book, evidence and outcome will show what we mean by success and provide detailed accounts from three patients aged in their 30’s,40’s 60’s to compare their experiences. These accounts are not edited and tell it as it is. You cannot learn more than from patient’s experiences – warts and all. If you are embarking on surgery, then this is a book that will take you to new heights of understanding. Current books written for patients will be reviewed and any myths dispelled. The picture of the bunion does not represent the cover of the next book in the series.



Please note these may not be the final covers.

 More titles to follow