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Provides a catalogue of reference material in podiatric medicine and surgery which has been linked directly with sources to provide the reader with the full text or abstract.

Podiatry and the Changing Face of Consent Podiatry. Tollafield D R. Podiatry Review. Issue (CPD pull out) Autumn 2019 pp17-20. (see paper below for open access. It is not identical but content is similar)

The Changing Face of Consent and Patient Communication. Tollafield D R. Reflective Podiatry Practice. BPCC Ltd, 2018:1(10-1):1-10 Consent and communication RPP 2018

Comparison of four disinfecting techniques for clinical instruments in Podiatry. Tollafield, DR, De’ath, M, Prior, D Reflective Podiatric Practice. BPCC Ltd 2018,1(9-2):6-12 Comparison of disinfection techniques

Does Debridement of Plantar Skin Affect the Reliability of a Revised Classification System for Corns and Callus in the Forefoot> A Controlled Clinical Study. Tollafield DR Podiatry Now. 2018.8:2-7 Paper 3 pre:post debridement classification

A Study of Plantar Keratoma using a Classification Model for Student Observation Skills Compared to an Expert panel.Tollafield DR Advanced Research on Foot and Ankle 2018. 1:1-9

Clinical Photographic Observations of Plantar Corns and Callus associated with a nominal scale Classification and Inter-Observer Reliability Study in A Student Population. Tollafield DR. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research 2017.10,45:2-7

Comparing Datasets with PASCOM-10. Tollafield DR. Podiatry Now. 2017.8:17

The Value of PASCOM-10 for Podiatry a Quarter of a Century on. The Impact that came out of the blue. Tollafield DR. Podiatry Now.2017.1:10-12

An Inter-Observer Reliability Study. Clinical Photography and Direct Clinical Observation of Plantar Corns and Callus associated with a Nominal Scale Classification Model. Tollafield DR. Masters in Theory in Podiatric Surgery Practice. School of Human & Health Sciences. University of Huddersfield. Academic Year. 2015-2016.Thesis MSc Inter-Observer Reliability V2.0F Toll 2016

The Benefits of Reducing Anxiety in a Podiatric Surgical Unit with Midazolam. Tollafield, DR, Duarte, R, Akinwale, N, Ashford, R, Thomasson, S Revista de Ciencas Podologias. 2014.8,2:109-118

Hallux Valgus Correction by Metatarsal Osteotomy. PASCOM-10 Working Party. Maher, A, Tollafield DR. Podiatry Now. 20135:18-20

PASCOM-10 – the Ball is Rolling Now. [Feature article]. Tollafield DR Podiatry Now. 2010.9:38-39

Does Patient Satisfaction with Foot Surgery Change over Time? The Foot. Taylor,NG, Tollafield DR, Rees S. 2008.18(2):68-74

A Critical Assessment of a New Evaluation Tool for Podiatric Surgical Outcome Analysis. Br. Journal of Podiatry. Rudge G, Tollafield DR. 2003.6(4):109-119

Injectable Percutaneous Polydimethicone in the Treatment of Pedal Keratomas: A Single Blind Randomized Trial. Tollafield DR, Holdcroft DJ, Singh R, Haque MS. Foot and Ankle Surgery. 2001. 40(5):295-301

An Audit of Lesser Metatarsal Osteotomy by Capital Displacement (Weil) Osteotomy. Tollafield DR. Br.Journal of Podiatry. 2001.4(1)15-19

A Retrospective Analysis of Swanson Silastic Double Stemmed Great Toe Implants with Titanium Grommets following Podiatric Surgery for Arthritic Joint Disease. Ashford RL, Vogiatzoglu, K, Tollafield DR, Cassella JP. The Foot. 2000.10(2):69-74

The Use of Two Injectable Corticosteroid Preparations used in the Management of Foot Problems – a Clinical Audit Report. Tollafield DR, Williams HA. J British Pod. Med. 1996 51(12):171-174 Ref.Pod Pr. 2018 (7)The use of two injectable corticosteroid

Measurement of Ankle Cuff Discomfort in Unsedated Patients undergoing Day Case Foot Surgery. Tollafield DR, Kilmartin, TK, Holdcroft DJ, Quinn, G. Ambulatory Surgery. 1995.2(6):91-96

Podiatry Education in the UK. Ashford, RL, Tollafield DR, Axe ,D. The Foot. 1995.5(1):1-7

Setting standards for day care foot surgery. A quinquennial review (Reprint in Podiatry Now 2002)

The Effect of Podiatric Day Care Surgery on the Need for National Health Service Chiropody Treatment. Hood IS, Kilmartin TK, Tollafield DR. The Foot. 1994.4(3):155-158

A Kinematic Model to Determine the Effect of the Oblique Closing Wedge Osteotomy in the Sagittal and Transverse Plane. Tollafield, DR. The Foot. 1993.3(3):117-119

Hallux metatarsal phalangeal joint survey related to post operative analysis. Tollafield D R, Price M 1985 Chiropodist. Sept:284-88 Hallux Metatarsophalangeal Joint Survey related to Postoperative Surgery Analysis

Reflective Podiatric Practice

A series of articles and papers have been produced written by David Tollafield for Busypencilcase Communications Ltd.

Publications (not open access) from 1979-1991

Tollafield D R 1979 Disinfection in Chiropody, a two part study. Northamptonshire Area Health Authority. Produced as a report initially and re-published as a paper in Podiatric Reflective Practice in 2018
Tollafield D R 1979 Cryosurgery in the field of nail surgery. West Midlands Study Group Journal
Tollafield D R 1981 Limb Length Discrepancy. West Midlands Study Group Journal
Tollafield D R 1982 Podiatry. Middle East Hospitals Magazine
Tollafield D R 1984a A Podiatric perspective in evaluating limb length discrepancy. Journal of Podiatry Association
Tollafield D R 1984b Basic evaluation of circulatory normality in the foot and leg. Journal of the Podiatry Association
Tollafield 1985a A case of pseudomonas aeruginosa in the toe web of a coal minor. Journal of the Podiatry Association
Tollafield DR, Pratt DJ. The effects of variable posting of orthoses on a normal foot. Biomechanics Orthotic Management of the Foot. The Chiropodist 4:281-4
Tollafield, D R 1988 The Objectives of Joint Examination in the Foot and Lower Limb. The Chiropodist Vol 43 No 8
Tollafield, D R 1989 An Anatomical Study of the First Metatarsophalangeal joint. A Surgical Perspective. British Journal Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. 1,2 pp 8-9
Tollafield, D R 1989 Foot Safety – The Podiatrist’s View. Occupational Safety and Health. November pp 16
Tollafield, D R 1989 Management in Teaching. Journal of the Association of Chiropody Teachers in the UK. June 1989
Tollafield, D R, Pratt D J 1990 The Control of Known Triplanar Forces on the Foot by Forefoot Orthotic Posting. British Journal of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Vol 2 No 2. April pp 3-5
Tollafield, D R 1990 A Reusable Transducer System for Measuring Foot Pressures. A Study of Reliability in a Commercial Pressure Pad. Submitted and published through Dept. of Health Sciences at Coventry Polytechnic for BSc (Hons). April
Tollafield, D R, Pratt D J 1990 The Effects of Variable Rearposting of Orthoses on a Normal Foot. The Chiropodist. Vol 45 August pp 154-160
Tollafield, D R 1991 Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in Day Case Foot Surgery. British Journal of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. 3,1 pp 2-6
Kilmartin T K, Tollafield D R, Jones L A 1991 Clinical clerking for podiatrists. British Journal of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 3,3:2-5

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