How do we package podiatry

A new book follows on from articles covering how foothealth is packaged in the UK?  
Podiatry offers a good career and should be an inspiration, and yet lives in a quagmire of confusion. In a series of five articles  How Do We Package Podiatry? series was published between December and February (2019-20). This was an internal closed publication for Reflective Podiatric Practice. 

Now combined into the first Reflective Podiatric Practice Series

The series has been combined with several other chapters covering communication and published as Selling foot health as podiatry in June 2020

Where does podiatry sees itself. An introduction by Ralph Graham. The book covers communication, promotion and branding. The content has been expanded to include the views of well know podiatry authors such as Dr Lisa Farndon, known for looking into professional clinical trends.

Then there is Brand author, Catherine Kaputa, ‘You are a brand’ who considers the commercial side together with  Sonia Gregory from Freshsparks in the USAProfessor Catherine Bowen adds to the story of why rheumatology is poorly represented with a multi-authored project.

Mr Tony Gavin (Osgo) pitches in with his views on podiatry covering ideas on brand and management. The journey will take us through various mediums each of which may impact on how we need to drive forward our foot health brand as a product within healthcare. As always examples and anecdotes are important with many coming from my own experience. The contents of the book was taken from the five articles highlighted below.


Part 1: The Burden of Foot Health, Friday, 6th December

Frustrated that I could not cure patients led me toward podiatric surgery. After 40+ years I realise that it was not the fact that I could not cure as much as I did not understand why I could not cure. Podiatry is pretty impressive today when compared to only 1/2 century ago. There are those areas highly rated and others which are of equal importance and yet unrecognised..

  • Simple communication
  • Brand Podiatry
  • Core Podiatry
  • Specialism
  • Pseudo-specialism
  • Affordability & economics
  • The Underrated Specialty
  • Management & NHS Teams
  • The Internal World versus the global market

Part 2: Looking at the whole canvas, Friday, 20th December

A need to constantly review a market is essential to survival in business. We have to emerge with new ideas. In the garden we cut back plants and reseed, so in business we have to recognise there is no Garden of Eden, just hard work.

  • Branding & Competing
  • Is ability to brand determined by age?
  • Basic advertising
  • Morals and ideas
  • We should brand what we do
  • M.A.I.D. Mobility/alignment/integrity/discomfort
  • Who deals with the features of MAID?
  • Self & Us
  • Reflect on medicine’s development
  • speaking personally
  • Distortion of a brand
  • Alien to refer?

Part 3: Giving Credit to our Brand, Monday 6th January 2020

Podiatry can at last enter the true medical field with new opportunities and if wise will use these to rebrand. Above all professions, podiatry has a reach in educational, academic and clinical fields than many other so called allied health carers.

  • This is your brand
  • Shared Practice
  • What works best? What is reliable?
  • The Management
  • New Clinical Skills
  • Be different. Don’t copy
  • Medicine’s dilemma and the future
  • Make the message clear
  • Packaging
  • Conferences, meetings and journals

Part 4: Logo, Brand, Strap Line, Monday, 20th January 2020

Logos go on office fronts, business cards, headed paper, your information sheets and even your clinical clothing. Logos identify with your brand, instant recognition, professionalism, knowledge that the logo stands for a reliable service, that the service is effective, price sensitive, assured, regulated and believes in you.

  • A Quick Google
  • Logo & Tagline
  • Perceptions of the independent sector
  • You need to deliver a message, but who to?
  • You will need people to test your product and offer testimonials
  • How to go about testimonials
  • You will need evidence that you see people.
  • Making decisions
  • Blogs

Part 5: How Do We Deliver the Message?, Friday, 7th February 2020

Your brand should be visible and reflected in everything that people see when looking at your business, product and service. If you have a website can you compete with others. Your job is to see patients not maintain websites and all the information required? So how are you going to manage?

  • Publicity
  • Dealing with poor feedback
  • Now let’s be positive. All feedback is good!
  • New innovations – website connections
  • Visual acuity
  • Paid advertising
  • Your message must be understood. We need to know who you are?
  • Communication etiquette
  • How not to
  • Clients and competitors
  • Brands are not always visible
  • Accessibility is important



Thanks for reading ‘How Do We Package Podiatry?’  by David Tollafield. First published by Busypencilcase Reflective Communications from 14th November 2019.

Last reviewed 2020