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The College of Podiatry, Faculty of Podiatric Surgery require all Fellows practising surgery to ensure that the public are not confused with who we are and how we practise. Two leaflets (PDF) are available from 2013 assisting patients. Elsewhere under ‘Education Information’ the public can read about others aspects of Podiatric Surgery. Podiatric Surgeons should not be confused with orthopaedic surgeons who may not wholly practise on the foot and do not have a primary training in podiatry.

About Podiatric Surgeons

Patient information about Podiatric Surgeons

Good Practice in Podiatric Surgery

Patient Outcome data

Material covering surgical outcomes in podiatric surgery is available on information page.Many fact sheets have data provided in tables covering “the things that you need to know”.

Patient feedback

If you have had surgery with the practice, please could you download the form below and return to the hospital after six months. This greatly facilitates the quality measurement for my practice. many thanks.

Patient satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ-10)

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