‘Foot Health Month 2019’

Welcome to ‘Foot health and the examination of foot pain during April, May and June’.

Podiatry has four main objectives when treating patients


Of the FOUR objectives behind podiatry, pain is top of the tree. Pain causes a wide range of feelings and variable discomfort. The other three functions of podiatry deal with the integrity of skin and other human tissue, alignment associated with managing deformity and improving mobility.


The distress from pain, however, is a symptom that migrates into every part of our human self. Understanding the cause and types of pain will be dealt with in two further articles. My online help site, therefore, is taking pain as my contribution to foot health month.


I want to share a rough guide to foot pain as part of the pain series kicking off Foot Health Month.


Please download this free article click on the blue – Rough Guide to Foot Pain

Basic Foot Care Advice – a short film

If you all you want is basic foot care advice, the College of Podiatry has released a film this month on the usual care that you can do yourself. Please download this short film if you want to know more – basic foot care



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