Feedback from making an impression

was the first of a new series of talks to podiatrists. If you wish to book a talk contact me. I provide my own A.V equipment, and this will help to save on costs. 

Feedback from ‘Making an Impression’. Read more below about my own self-critique. All professionals need to look at how they present.

My talk coincided with Foot Health Month and making June a busy month. The target audience was podiatrists in two areas of England; Poole, Dorset and Shrewsbury, Shropshire where I met some really motivated podiatrists.

My talk, ‘Making an Impression’, focused on communication with patients and delivering information. We had plenty of audience discussion and touched on interviewing skills and dealing with a specific topic called interdigital neuroma. An information pack accompanied the talk.

Following these presentations, my feedback was analysed and considered six areas.

  1. Audience sensitivity
  2. Message clarity
  3. Relevance to occupation
  4. Visual material
  5. Balance between speaking and visual
  6. Sufficient time for questions

Ninety-two percent thought the talk was good or excellent, 7% about right and 1% poor.

Analysing – ‘Making an Impression’

What were the strong aspects found in this talk?

  • ‘Love the way you present, the emphasis Is so refreshing – we need more of this type of presentation’.
  • ‘Everything’
  • ‘Reassurance for the patient and info!! Therefore image of our perfection and care.’
  • ‘Spend time listening to the patient. All very good.’
  • ‘I liked the concept of training about a condition via the patient’s journey’
  • ‘Ideas around leaflets & U-tube video’
  • ‘Use of personal anecdotes’
  • ‘Excellent. Learned a lot about our skills’
  • ‘Promoting profession’
  • ‘Knowledge excellent’
  • ‘Interaction and interview communication’
  • ‘Very rounded – bringing together and updating many aspects of my profession consolidating and highlighting skills – often taken as granted and not always valued.’

If you want to engage David for a talk please contact me through my e-mail address and book now.

The illustration at the top of this article is the author speaking to an audience of podiatrists at the University of Johannesburg in 2015