Consulting Foot Pain

Caring through better education

Consulting foot pain is tied into my company so really it is the same. Delivering FREE information via some of my website platforms. If the information isn’t here – no problem, let me know and I will see if we can add a new article. Howz that for service!

Consulting Foot Pain


Hello reader, or past or present patient desiring help. Respondents have asked where do I practice? Well I don’t any longer but I have kept the website I established while at Spire Hospital in October 2014. The site has grown with new ideas providing patient information with new articles, help sheets and starting in 2017 my first patient journey books. The next two years looks interesting as I apply my clinical knowledge to writing skills. I try to assist first with information to narrow the problem down and then you can consider approaching a professional.

This site has been divided into three key areas:

Patient experiences  in my public blog (footlocker

Clinical fact sheets  about treatment (including surgery)

Clinician portal – Information  for Podiatric clinicians can be found in clinician portal offering articles at a more complex level

I work closely with colleagues in podiatry and the main organisation,

the College of Podiatry



About Me

As a podiatrist I trained in London at the London Foot Hospital (University College Hospital) 1975-1978. My surgical Fellowship was gained in 1986 and I have worked both in the NHS and Independent sector in hospitals mainly around the Midlands.

Between 1985-1993 I was a full-time lecturer at the University of Northampton (Nene College) as Deputy Head and started both an undergraduate and post-graduate training centre.

In 2018 I retired from clinical practice to become a full-time writer having established Busypencilcase Communications Ltd in 2015. You can read more about the objectives of the company under Busypencilcase Communications Ltd.


David R Tollafield, FCPodM, MSc, BSc, DPodM, FCPM, Director of Busypencilcase Communications Ltd

Thanks for reading about me at consultingfootpain