Clinical Conditions

Foot Pain Consultant Birmingham - Podiatric surgical services at Spire Little Aston Hospital

Please scan through the list below to select information that might relate to your condition. This is a public information page. You may also like to look at the treatment factsheets which cover expectations and risks from surgery. If you would like any more clinical information please contact me to see if I can add further advice to this site. Click on the links below to find out more

Common conditions

More about Bunion (hallux valgus -106)

Morton’s neuroma (101)

Scar lines and wounds after surgery (102)

Intractable keratoma (107)

Flat foot, when to worry? (103)

Useful pre-operative information (100)

Tendo-Achilles pain (104)

Less common or rarer conditions

Complex regional pain syndrome (12)

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