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ABOUT THIS PAGE Learn a bit about what Busypencilcase communications is offering. Foot problems and information about treatment with behind the scenes comments. Majority of information is free and downloadable so DO check it out.

Hello reader. You have found my page covering BPCC Ltd  established in 2015. An independent business to promote podiatry and podiatric surgery. The website consultingfootpain.co.uk grew into a large repository of information for patients undergoing treatment for the author and director David Tollafield when he was in practise.

My aim is to provide a service to patients and podiatrists about fundamental foot health. There are leaflets, fact sheets, a self-help area, articles and now books. The blog footlocker is a monthly diary of common foot events.



If you are suffering from a foot problem accessing healthcare can take time and might be expensive. If you can find information that helps then I have achieved my aim. If it is not here then write to me or fill in a response at the end of the post (Footlocker).Click on treatment centre to see if help exists.

Public groups may benefit from talks by podiatrists about their work.Talks to specific groups will depend in which area of the UK you live, but it may be possible to arrange talks. Please contact The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists for talks in your locality or e-mail enq@scpod.org Tel. 020-7234-8620

I cannot provide treatment or prescribe for your problem but I will be happy to direct you to information for ‘free’. Any information will be treated confidentially but the subject matter might be used as a later blog.

Podiatrists, Trainees, Specialist Registrars and Podiatric Surgeons

Leaflets & Literature

Starting out in practice? Do you want some assistance?

Hi colleague. This section is more about helping colleagues deliver information about their services. Contact me to discuss how we might best help you and promote your ideas. Students and those recently qualified probably have more skills than they realise. Drop an e-mail to busypencilcase_rcb@yahoo.com for more information. e-mail ‘more info about practice’.


Talks and communication

Professional talks to colleagues will be rolled out this June covering topics that help promote your practice. If you have not signed up to my bulletin, Reflective Podiatric Practise, you can do so by e-mailing me ‘subscribe me’. The first article is out now PROGRESS THROUGH THE ART OF COMMUNICATION. Image and branding.

With changes in the healthcare system, independent practitioners need to remain sharp in regard to making a good case to commissioners especially where NHS services have been diluted by reduced funding and services. More than ever patients need to be able to know more about their foot health. Talks can be offered to College Branches associated with the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists.


Working with podiatry – a profession caring for foot health