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Medicine and health is more about sharing healthcare with the client.

A publication from the new journal: Advanced Research on Foot and Ankle

Advanced notice of my latest academic publication is accessible to all by free download. Do experienced students do better than novices? Do nurses do as well as podiatrists when looking at lesions? Can classification be used as part of teaching OSCE’s?

In this paper I have explored an old classification system and asked experts to make a comparison with unskilled and semi-skilled students.

The key to this new original research questions the use of classification methods without considering reliability and the value of narrative called the ‘Descriptor.’ The sensitivity of the descriptor in the hands of experienced clinicians can make a difference to the most appropriate decision making.

The revised system from the same author came from a number of pilot studies in 2013 and 2014 and was then to put forward through an ethics committee. Fifty-five podiatry students and 20 nurses volunteered to test the system. Contrasting the old paper (above-click the link) maybe useful for educationalists as there has been a gap of 33-years. Much has changed include podiatry and methods. The 1985 demonstrates how far the profession of podiatry has travelled as it is more a historic reference to the old journal style from the Society of Chiropodists.

Podiatry is about foot health and what was seen as  cosmetic approach to hard skin management can harbour greater sinister influence in affecting patient mobility, pain and walking comfort.

Although it is only part of the conclusion, consider the value behind classification of skin lesions applied to tele-medicine. The need to speed diagnosis. Obtaining access to the correct clinician is vital for expedient treatment, especially where approval is blocked by a healthcare provider based on lack of evidence or cost effective benefit. This classification can aid assessment and hopefully support clinical triage – and at its bassist, who gets treated first!

When we cry out for more educational models in podiatry or even dermatology, this new system might be worth looking at. Patients who might wish to read the different grades might even attend clinic or ring up and say,

‘I have a grade 2 callus and I think I need an ultrasound?’

Medicine and health is more about sharing healthcare with the client. We are the resource they are our customers.

This paper  support my previous paper which considered observation with photography published in October 2017. A further paper is planned on the effects of debridement. Sign up to receive my regular news feed. ‘Subscribe me. I am a podiatrist’ to busypencilcase_rcb@yahoo.com.


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