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Upgrading my website


One of the most difficult actions to take is how much to put in and how much to remove when changing from one professional occupation to another. I sat down with my website designer yesterday as Spring heralded a fresh season ahead and discussed the needs of the website consultingfootpain. I am very pro-patient focus for podiatry but also feel it is essential to meet the modern needs of colleagues delivering information. My view takes the angle do a little well than a lot badly.

There is so much development in podiatry and there are pressures to stay ahead of the game, but we must build on what we do well and know works. So, anyone with a view should let me know, write to me as Busypencilcase_rcb@yahoo.com so I can take on board new ideas and areas that podiatrists or patients feel should be represented. You can fill in the box below as well. Patients are more empowered than ever before and the idea of providing edited information is anachronistic.


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