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Pain in the big toe & drugs – save money

Pain, stiffness and bumpy ridges! 

The big toe is important, a bit like the steering wheel of your car. While movement works with other joints, higher up the body the foot is governed by the big toe and requires just the right amount of movement. When the joint is less effective at moving or pain arises, we twist outwards – causing a ‘duck foot’.

The big problem comes when the joint swells to a point when movement not only fails, but causes pain. Ten to a penny you see your doctor, who will sympathise and suggest a number of things. If it is very swollen, you may be considered to have gout. Off for a blood test maybe! A dose of ibuprofen, pronounced I-BEW-PRO-FEN,  not I-BUR-OFEN will be prescribed. If  needed, you can purchase this for pennies, by avoiding brand names, which cost pounds. Penny wise starts to make sense. If you have  NHS exclusion, then the drug is free. Saving the NHS is worthwhile – remember, it is your NHS.

My last bit of advice – click on my latest information sheet – 109. This can be found under ‘Education Information’ and will help you understand the problem with big toe joints. See what your doctor has to say, but don’t forget, an opinion from a qualified podiatric specialist may provide you with further assistance. With the insurance companies driving costs down, consultations are not so expensive as they might once have been, and you do receive a decent first consultation time. X-rays, if needed are additional.

Look at the information sheet first, and see if it helps you. Don’t suffer in silence.

Happy feet for the New Year 2017…

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