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Stride-On with Val…


Val writes this month about a useful disability aid where complex foot surgery might impede early mobility. We are reminded mobility is important to reduce stasis induced types of deep vein thrombosis, prevent muscle atrophy and bone wasting, but above all keep the patient psychologically stable. Immobility and lack of engagement soon leads to low esteem and of course puts those pounds on. Crutches and Aircasts (T.M) are valuable, but with larger surgeries, where aids are essential for the first few weeks, a different system is recommended. For hire, to buy or go second hand. The patient has complete control with brakes, a basket to carry necessary items and uses the normal leg and foot to propel the small buggy, carrying the body weight safely and preventing unnecessary loading of the healing foot. Anyway, here are Val’s words…

“Hi, I am Val

I recently had a major foot operation carried out by Mr Tollafield. He recommended The ‘Stride-On’ to get around on. It is like a scooter but you put your knee on. It is very easy to use and was a life line. Highly recommended. Thanks Mr Tollafield.”
V.F 5th May 2016

Tel No. Stride-On 01823-216202 Croydon, United Kingdom (Website – Strideon.co.uk)

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