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New updates this weekend: Sesamoiditis, Wound healing problems and Callus in Hallux Valgus

New easy to download PDF fact sheets are available.

Clinician Portal: An original paper published 30 years ago covers a study of 1700 patients (2000 feet). Few studies today carry as many subjects. The relevance of the study by Tollafield and Price is the first British classification of calluses and corns by students to look at the effect of bunion deformity on the sole of the foot.

Fact sheets: covering pain under the big toe. Don’t let this confuse you with arthritis. It may occur with sports and is unpleasant but it can be cured in most cases. Sheets 3 & 4 cover both the condition of sesamoiditis and the mechanical function.

Sheet 49 has been added. Summer is the time when wounds often become troublesome after surgery. Know why a problem should occur and what we might do about it. Delayed wound healing is a known complication and audited by podiatric surgeons using PASCOM-10

Sheet 107 has been updated and now provides an easier pdf download for the common condition of corns

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