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Research work on calluses and corns. Should we change our terminology?

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New definitions proposed in Callus Study for podiatrists

New classifications for Corns and callus terminology review. Three MCQ questions for podiatrists. Is it time we considered our terminology more effectively?

Callus classification

Corns and callus need to be carefully assessed by the professional as many skin excrescences are not suited to pedicure or repeated debridement. Diagnostic techniques are required together with wider professional specialisation to manage this form of foot pain. New work is being carried out on classification during 2014-15 and will be updated when available.Lecture date in Nottingham to podiatrists will be posted to present important new work. Why not contribute to the study on terminology (see above).

For podiatrists wishing to enter the study will be welcome. Please fill in the box in contact space and let Geraldine know you wish to have the full details and you can be part of this research.


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  1. The study has now been completed and material will be removed from the Clinican Portal and replaced with new materials. Thanks to all podiatrists who completed the study. Publication of the results will hopefully be launched in 2015

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